Our Production Process

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At JR Media Productions, we established a production process based on the success we want to achieve for our clients. We maintain a creative approach, and keep the process of production simple, effective and focus during the pre-production, live production, post-production and delivery stages. Our production process is made of six key stages:


The focus of the first stage is to understand the needs of our clients, this being an idea or planned project. Our aim at this point is to scope the following information:

  • Details of the Idea or project in mind
  • Schedule, length, location of the production
  • The distribution channels the client wishes to use including Web, TV, Cinema or made available to an event
  • production management, creative talent, technical crew required
  • Budget allocated to the production
  • Roles and Responsibilities between client and JR Media Productions
  • Administrative requirements including, insurance, permits, copyrights, etc.

After collecting this information, we progress to the quoting stage where we might need to gather further details of the project in order to complete an accurate quote. Our standard quote is based on hourly or daily labour pricing and material cost. 

As soon as the client approves the quote, pays the required deposit and signs the appropriate forms, the production process is ready to commence and move to the pre-production stage. For smaller projects where the scope is to film only, the six stage process will be reduced to what is required of the project.


The process of preproduction may differ from project to project. During this stage, the producer and/or production manager will use our standard preproduction checklist, which will cover: 

  • Planning the production with the Director and production team 
  • Creating a script and draw storyboards
  • Conducting a location scout, plan set design, props, wardrobe, makeup, and rehearsals
  • Processing permits and insurance 
  • Hiring talent
  • Hiring any rental gear if required
  • Attending production meetings
  • Organising call sheets for all talent, technical crew and creative directors.

In the live production stage, the creative director along with the talent and technical crew follow the carefully scripted content and storyboards to ensure that the client’s expectation and vision are realised.

JR Media Productions strongly believes in a well-planned and safe environment during every shoot of the production.


After the live production ends, post production will commence. In the post production stage, the editor selects the best portions of the film as well as the relevant material referencing the storyboards.

Our colourist, sound mixer and composer also work on the production to make it look and sound great. During this stage, we organise a number of review meetings with the client to go through draft, fine cut and final cut. 


As soon as the production is complete, we require full and final payment of the production so we can provide the client with the approved copy of the footage on a hard drive or via a cloud storage facility. 

During this stage, we also discuss our storage and archiving process regarding the production, as well as doing a final review of the confidentiality and intellectual rights of the production.


At the completion of every project, we ask our clients to give us feedback on the level of satisfaction of the services we provided throughout the project. Client feedback is important to us since it help us improve our processes and services