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There are so many different looks a project can inherit from the eye of an artist. No matter how small or how big a camera is - light is the most important tool in a Director of Photography's arsenal.

Planning your next project starts from the ground up. It requires the correct technical camera knowledge and on-set experience to find and follow a narrative. To a Director of Photography every project is about building an atmosphere that best represents your story or brand. This role is all about collaboration so there is a great deal of planning involved through the use of location visits, lighting blueprints and storyboarding with our clients.


There is a major responsibility to the craft of image-making so choosing the correct camera sensor, lenses, lighting and camera movement is crucial to the success of a project.

If you are looking for a hands-on Director of photography to plan and shoot your next project please contact us and let us know what you envision so we can understand the scope of your production.

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