Kenneth Ransom

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Kenneth Ransom 

I needed a quick turnaround self-screen test for a role in a  high profile production, which I still can't discuss openly, as it's confidentiality protected.  But I recently returned to Perth and needed someone who could shoot the test with high production values and could help me jump through all the technical hoops that were being presented.  

John at JR Media Productions was able to do that.  He also showed a great deal of patience, as I had a few memory lapses during the process.  John showed a great deal of patience and made the process as comfortable as possible. He's got first-class equipment and the production values are first-rate, so I got a little more than I bargained for.

I got the gig I auditioned for, and I know for a fact that it had a lot to do with how it all looked.

I'm very appreciative to JR Media Productions.  

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