Grace Newton-Wordsworth

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Grace Newton-Wordsworth - Perth, WA

We recently worked with John on our latest video clip for our song 'Bloodstream'.  We cannot thank John enough for his incredible work on this video clip. From start to finish, he was so easy and efficient to work with and he made the whole process an enjoyable experience. 

Pre-production was great, the actual day of filming was incredible - John provided a talented, hard working and overall wonderful team, and created an uplifting, positive environment for everyone to work in. He edited the video clip together so quickly for us (in under a week), and we were overjoyed by the final product, he gave us everything we wanted and more. 

We are consistently blown away by John, and his ability to create such beautiful and creative work. 
We can't wait to work with him a lot more in the future, and have loved this whole process. 

We 100% recommend John and JR Media Productions. 

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