The JR Media Productions team consists of filmmakers that are passionate, creative, highly skilled and experienced.  

At JR Media Productions our team is committed to deliver great film productions and photography projects that captivate  and connect with your audience and gives you the desired results for your brand or personal event .

Our team is ready to turn your idea, story or vision into reality. Our team members are talented, creative, dynamic, highly trained and experienced.  They take pride in their storytelling and the high quality images they create. Their love for the Arts and Culture of filmmaking is what fuels their creativity and makes a difference in how we do our work.

Our documentary filmmakers focus on real stories, capturing past or current events that cover the different aspects of humanity and the impact of social change. Our creative directors and director of photography use their storytelling skills and their industry experience in cinematography and photography  to create amazing film productions and unforgettable photography shots.

Our post production team is passionate and dedicated to the transformation of the raw material of every film to amazing and engaging film productions or photographs. 

We hire and collaborate with creative directors, producers, composers, technical crew industry professionals, and members of WASA, WAAPA, ACS and Universities. We have established associations with premier WA rental companies including RAZ Rentals, Location Equipment Cinematography Services, and HD Rentals.