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We are an established Australian film production company based in Perth, Western Australia since 2017.  Our founder,  John Marcel Rousselet is an experienced cinematographer who transformed his photography business into a cinematic production company. 

We deliver high quality productions that meet the needs of our clients and that add value to their brand, personal goals and future plans.

We maintain highly qualified teams, and stay connected to the creative arts industry of Western Australia. 

Our Company

Vision & Mission

Our vision is "to be one of the preferred film production companies in Western Australia that impresses clients and audiences with meaningful content and high quality images that are creative, and engaging through the art of storytelling". 

Our mission is " to make a difference to the  media production needs of our clients by delivering exceptional services and maintaining a dynamic and collaborative approach that fosters artistic growth in our teams and that contributes to the Arts and Culture of Australia".


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Our Company

Our Values

Our culture is to be creative, innovative, responsive, connected, diverse, honest and transparent in everything we do. 

We foster the art of storytelling, cinematography, photography, and all genres of film productions. We nurture diversity in our teams.

We collaborate and connect with our clients, industry filmmakers, production companies, WASA, WAAPA, ACS, and Universities. We work with highly qualified industry professionals and use high quality gear.

Our services and teams are driven by our values, vision and mission.

Our Company

Our Services

Our services range from small to large productions including short-films, documentaries, show-reels, feature films, music videos, event videos, training videos, product videos and other corporate and commercial videos. In addition, we continue to provide photography services specialising in promotional, events, and portraiture photography. 

We service clients in WA, nationally and overseas. Let's us help you with your project, or check OUR WORK.

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